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Gary Beadle

Gary Beadle

Gary Beadle was born in South London and has worked in hospitality as well as many other industries over the three decades he's been working his way around the world, finally settling in Perth eleven years ago. He says someone once told him he is much more than a bartender but he strongly refutes that as he believes a true bartender is what he is and it is the only job title he answers to.

  I'll eat anything but …

Tofu, seriously I just don't get it, it's like no alcohol beer why wouldn't you just have something else with flavour.

  The best city for eating is …

London hands down there's someone from every country in the world living in London and there's someone from each of those countries running a great eating shop. With market leaders like Fergus Henderson how can anyone deny that London is top of the pile. Seriously turn on a cooking show, where have all the top chefs been cooking?

Top tip if you're in London visit the Harrods food hall it'll blow your mind.

  Because you can never have too many …

Vehicles on two wheels! For me it's all about the ride, I've ridden bikes all around the world and would love to get time to do the big ride through Northern India (my dad's country of birth). I currently ride a Vespa 150cc slightly modified by my Sam a genuine Italian Vespa genius.

What I covet at the moment is one of these.

  My favourite place to shop is …

Well I'm a true European guy when it comes to shopping as I love shopping and my wife says I have more shoes than she does which is quite a statement. Favourite places Bali, London and the United States as all of those places incorporate bars and shopping as the shops trade late. Why with the weather we have in Perth don't shops open later and trade later when the sun has gone down and there are bars and restaurants open so the process of shopping becomes more of a social evening out.

  If I were a wine, my tasting notes would be …

This wine is definitely one of the more full bodied fortified wines you can find ... :-)

  If I didn't work in hospitality, I would be …

I have thought about this long and hard and I think I'd be a Marvel character and my special power would be being able to control people's minds into buying me tasty beverages. Failing that maybe a bank robbing porn star as both jobs would have similar working hours to the ones I keep as a bartender.

  The best street food I've ever eaten is …

Bangkok hands down has my favourite street food the it's a lot like playing Russian roulette not that I've ever played that but the will I get a feast or salmonella is always an exhilarating game.

  At 3am the best place to be for top nosh is …

The "Up All Night" in the Kings Road used to be my favourite, the order; a vegetarian breakfast with a side of bacon and sausages. Nowadays there's a food van outside the "Green Man" pub which does a double egg, double bacon, double sausage in a roll with HP sauce for £3 quid! Um Fur Burger in Queenstown NZ is pretty amazing at 3am as well...

  My last drink would be …

Sorry guys Martini, White Lady, Manhattan, Americano and all those classic beverages I've been lucky enough to imbibe over the years my last drinks, yup you've got it I'm changing the rules because how can I possibly cut it down to just one? So in the order I'd consume them my last drinks would be six pints of Young's London Gold followed by a glass of Plymouth gin over ice, cheers!

  My last meal would be with …

My family and friends in a proper old boozer with pints, pies, pork crackling and all that bad stuff because if it's my last meal the doctor ain't going to get to tell me my blood pressure is back up and I need to cut down on my drinking.

  Top tip for young bartenders …

Johnson's baby talc because nobody likes chafe when they're slogging it out behind the jump!

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