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What do you get?

A Raclette meal at LOT TWENTY includes Heidi Farm Raclette cheese served with triple smoked leg ham, Serrano, Hungarian Salami, pickled vegetables, Chat potatoes, and sliced fresh baguette for only $25 per portion.

You can book the Raclette experience all year round as a Private Function or is on Menu in the cooler months. Raclette will be back in April 2019. .

LOT TWENTY raclette plate

What is Raclette?

Raclette can refer to one of three things. It is a type of cheese, an appliance for cooking, and a one-of-a-kind way of preparing and eating a meal at the table. The Raclette experience shares many of the same interactive characteristics which made Swiss Fondue so popular but offers diners a more complex and refined taste.

The essential ingredient for any Raclette meal is the cheese. Raclette is a traditional semi-hard cheese first produced in Switzerland and is pronounced ‘ruck-let’ in English. Raclette comes from the French word "racler” (to scrape) due to the way the cheese is scraped off the cheese block. It has a milky, mild taste with a slight hint of nutty undertones.

Heat is required to bring out the full flavour profile of Raclette cheese. Restaurants use a Raclette grill or heater to melt the cheese and then scrape the melted cheese with a knife to eat with potatoes and pickled vegetables.

Although a traditional Raclette meal features cheese, potatoes, and pickled vegetables, today there are many variations of the meal. Fans of Raclette love to experiment, and many people try a variety of different ingredients, including a selection of vegetables and smoked or fresh meats.

What are the origins of Raclette?

Raclette comes from high in the Swiss Alps, and like so many culinary favourites, was born out of necessity and accident. Many years ago, Swiss herdsman required an inexpensive and nutritious source of food which could withstand the hot summer months without spoiling. Choosing cheese, potatoes and a variety of pickled vegetables made sense because these ingredients are hearty, delicious and could last for months without refrigeration.

Legend has it that one evening, a preoccupied herdsman left a wheel of Raclette too close to the campfire and it began to melt. The man was too hungry to waste the cheese, so he used his knife to scrape off the melted cheese and decided to eat it. He found it delightful and soon the new way of preparing Raclette spread throughout the area.

Australian products makes better meals

LOT TWENTY strongly believes Aussie products make the best meals. That is why LOT TWENTY only serves Raclette from Heidi Farm. Heidi Farm lays in the fertile northern Tasmanian farmland and produces its Raclette from the best available quality Australian milk. Heidi Farm’s master fromagers use the same techniques which were perfected by generations of Raclette cheese makers in Switzerland. The Raclette cheese produced at Heidi Farm has won multiple national awards for its quality and flavour.

Available for private functions

Head chef, Kev, preparing the raclette grill

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