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Jerry Fraser's comprehensive guide to oysters


Where are they from?
We use a variety of oysters sourced from NSW, SA, TAS and WA.
How many species of oysters are there?
In Australia there are 3 edible species of oysters – Pacifics, Rocks and Angasis.
How old are they?
The Pacific species are about 18 months old, the Rock oysters are about 3-4 years old and the Angasi oysters are about 4 years old.
Are oysters seasonal?
In Australia, Pacifics are best for the the winter months and the Rocks in the summer months. In the northern hemisphere, the rule for the flat native oyster to be only eaten when there is an R in the month (September to April)
Why are oysters good for you?
Nutritionally, oysters are very good for you if eaten naturally rather than cooked. They have the highest concentration of protein of any animal. They are low in calories and fat, while packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, omega 3 fatty acid, iodine and vitamin B12.

Just three oysters provide the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) for zinc
Are they an aphrodisiac?
Not only does the zinc boost your sex drive, but it also boosts your immune system, helps get rid of acne, eases rashes and makes your bones stronger.
Are they still alive?
Yes, all oysters are still alive when shucked.
Do you need a special knife to open them?
There is a special knife. Each chef and shucker finds his favourite one. I certainly have my favourites among the 200 knives I own.


Should you eat oysters natural or cooked?
Call me a purist, but I always recommend natural.
Should you swallow or chew?
Always chew.
Do you need an oyster fork?
The easiest way to eat an oyster is to slurp off the half shell. Experienced oyster shuckers will take care to remove grit, toss bad oysters, and leave the meat fully intact. All vital for optimal oyster enjoyment.
Are toppings recommended?
Although I prefer my oysters “naked,” toppings can add a wonderful dimension to oysters if done in moderation. Try my exclusive paired toppings.
What do you drink with oysters?
Usually Champagnes, sparkling wines, beers and white wines are most folks favourites but there are no rules with oysters.
Can you have oysters for breakfast?
Sure, here's a few combinations. English breakfast is Bloody Mary and oysters. Irish Breakfast is Guinness and oysters and in Singapore the oyster omlette is a huge favourite.

Jerry Fraser

How long have you been shucking?
35 years in total - 21 years in Australia, 12 years in London and 2 years in the USA.
How many oysters have you opened?
We think about 7 million!
How many do you eat?
I eat about half a dozen oysters daily.
Which is your favourite oyster?
Tasmanian oysters are my favourite oysters in Australia, especially from Lease 65, Moulting Bay, in St Helens. Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland is top of my list worldwide.
Can you teach me to shuck
Try our Oyster Masterclasses where I share all things oysters; history, varietals, shucking, eating and pairings. Great for new comers or oyster aficionados. In this two-hour experience, guests will enjoy half a dozen oysters, sourced from around Australia, paired with a number of cheeses selected by our LOT TWENTY kitchen, plus a complimentary glass of bubbles.

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