Spanish lessons in a bar – it's a fun way to learn a language!

Spanish Classes at Lot Twenty Bar & Restaurant


Feminine: Noun

Definition: happiness

Example: Abrazar tu bebé te hace sentir una felicidad total.
Hugging your baby gives you a feeling of total happiness.

Only 999 words to go!

Language teachers say you need 1,000 words in your vocabulary to be considered conversant in another language.

But the real issue is making sure you get enough practice?

Come and learn Spanish

Come and learn Spanish at a fun, social evening with us at Lot Twenty. Our engaging conversational Spanish lesson lead by our fully qualified teacher, Silvinna, a native Spanish speaker, will having you conversing with confidence before you know it.

Spanish lessons are a great asset, as Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world! There are more than twenty countries where Spanish is the official language. As English speakers, we can be thankful that Spanish pronunciations are considered one of the easiest to learn.

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Each class we introduce 20 words for you to learn in Spanish, copies of these will be downloadable from the Class Notes section (see below), so you don’t need to bring anything with you and can just concentrate on learning Spanish in a fun environment.

spanish word cloud

Conversational Spanish meetup

Then at the end of each term with have our famous conversational Spanish meetup with native speakers. This popular afternoon is open to all students to practice their conversational Spanish.

Enjoy your lesson with great food and wine in our Bistro upstairs.

El camino de español continua
Introduction to Spanish
Oct 9 6pm Wk 1 Lesson 7.30pm Wk 1 Lesson
Oct 16 6pm Wk 2 Lesson 7.30pm Wk 2 Lesson
Oct 23 6pm Wk 3 Lesson 7.30pm Wk 3 Lesson
Oct 30 6pm Wk 4 Lesson 7.30pm Wk 4 Lesson
Nov 6 6pm Wk 5 Lesson 7.30pm Wk 5 Lesson
Nov 16 3pm Conversation Spanish Meetup Saturday All students

Class Notes

Go here for your class notes.

About the teacher

Silvinna holds a Teaching Certificate and has over 15 years experience teaching Spanish to adults in Educational Institutions and Engineering companies.

Born in Uruguay, Silvinna has travelled extensively to many Spanish-Speaking Countries to experience different customs and cultures. While living in England Silvinna worked for the Australian Tourism Office as a Travel Counselor for the Spanish clientele.

Silvinna loves teaching in an enjoyable environment, whilst sharing Hispanic customs and travel experiences.

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