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Whisky Workshop

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The name whisk(e)y comes from “uisge/uisce beatha, which means “water of life”. What a great name let’s not call it whisky anymore let’s all refer to it as “water of life”.

So, you’d like to learn more about those dusty old bottles that sit on the back of a bar and seemingly are only drunk by old men!

There’s a reason this is a workshop and not a masterclass it’s because the world of whisky is already full of obnoxious twats, and we don’t want to add to that number.

Let’s dispel the myths of how good whisky should be drunk and find ways of mixing it to make it enjoyable to all.

We’ll look at Scottish, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, American and maybe even a Welsh whisky.

Price for this workshop is variable so please ask us for more information if this seems like your “water of life”.

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